Xp guide for character sheet

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Xp guide for character sheet

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 13, 2017 2:54 pm

Attributes are x4;
Skills x4;
Talents are x6;
Disclipines are x5(For already have) , get new one 10x; (For vampires)
Disclipines are x10(For already have) , get new one 20x; (For ghoul)
Gift learning new one 20x (Garou) from tribe is 10x
Gift learning new one 40x (Kinfolk) from tribe is 20x
True faith for humans,mages is 7x for vampires 14x (Vampires can raise true faith to 3x) Humans/Mages to  10.
Arete for mage is 7x , for numina 24x.
Willpower x2 per level.
Gnosis per x2 level Garou .  Kinfolk x4 , hybrid cannot raise gnosis.
Rage per 2x level Garou. Kinfolk x4, Hybrid x2 per level.
Virtues is x2.
Sphere 5x for mages upgrade already it , new one 10x for numina is 10x sphere upgrade , learn new one 20x.
Spheres seat sphere 2x (for mage) , numina x4 .
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