[Combination Discipline] Eugene_River [Burning Wrath]

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[Combination Discipline] Eugene_River [Burning Wrath]

Post by Nihilistic on Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:08 pm

1. Character name? Eugene_River
2. What for traits you posting? Burning Wrath (Celerity 3 + Potence 3)
3. Why you character gets this trait?(Small story.)

Meeting up with his sire in the dark forest, he was given a task to acquire an occult talisman made by the Tremere that were lost and are founded by the Cappadocians in the south of Ejares. However, the Lupines were also alerted and is looking for the Talisman to destroy it as they consider it 'Wyrm' tainted, the talisman gave the wielders a greater strength and they have launched their attack on the same places which may result in 2-Side battle. He agreed to such task, his sire brought his horse as they drive off their way to the Cappadocian's castle. 

As they arrive, they were stopped by a group of Cappadocians and they decided to battle them all, they battle through the the herd of the Cappadocians. They survived the defence formed by the cappadocian as they went inside the castles, a group of Garou in their crinos form slaughtered some Cappadocian kindred and some zombies inside. They fought off the Garous and the zombified corpses, they manage to defeat the Hordes of zombies and lupines, they went in to the next room as they encounter a Cappadocian and a zombie in it aswell as a Lupines pack, they fought them off and survived the attack as they go downstairs. They manage to find the Talisman by a Skilled Cappadocian kindred, as they fought; they had bigger difficulty which results in some heavy injury on their part of unlife body, It was a rough ride for them but they manage to bring the Sorcers to torpor thus finishing them afterwards.

Eugene's sire grabs the talisman, they were stopped by a two lupines went in through the entrance. They decided to get past the Lupines and use a strategic act to get past them. Eugene's sire used Presence 3 to enslave the Garou, resulting them to fight against each other, they manage to get upstair and sneaked out their way off the castle. They get back onto their Safehaven in one piece. His sire decided to reward him a combination discipline which is Burning Wrath, they do some sort of rituals that takes a hours to finish. The rituals were completed which gifted Eugene with a Burning Wrath discipline that requires him to use both his Celerity and Potence, he takes his leave after the ritual is done properly.


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