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Human race guide

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Mortals are normal human beings - most of whom are unaware about the existence of the supernatural contained within the Classic World of Darkness.

Offical Book There is no offical book , but they can follow as mages book but without supernaturals things.

The common use of mortal is as the antithesis to immortal. An immortal is someone who will, at least, never die of natural causes. At other times immortality includes invincibility to weapons and/or diseases. Mortals are normal humans, who are in mortal peril of all these things; age, disease and physical trauma.
In the World of Darkness, however, the designation is commonly attributed to non-supernaturals, even when some supernatural groups are not immortal as such. They can unlock True faith like do mages .

True faith - True Faith is a power held by the truly devout. With True Faith, for example, a brandished cross can have an effect on a Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, instead of being merely an empty symbol of the creed. Faith can come from many different beliefs, such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism, and even virtuous pagans can resist the lure of darkness if their faith is true.

More about true faith is in vampire core book 372-373 page.

Anything questions about humans can be asked here.


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