Server rules

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Server rules

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:04 pm

1. Roleplay everything if admin says no.
2. No cheats or anything to destroying game or webiste.
3. No trolling , asspulling (Taking weapon without roleplay .)
4. Powergame and Metagame is forbbiden.
5. Follow the core books in guides.
6. Without permission cannot be done Rape.
7. Rob limit for warehouse is 500 per level each resource.
8. Cannot attack faction offical if they are not online two members.
9. No insult oocly ,racism , sexism or anything against others players.

**Post here is forbbiden.**

Forum rules
1. Don't trolling sexism , racism.
2. Don't post where is forbbiden the post will be first deleted , banned , delete the account.
3. Don't  use anything against players , webiste.


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