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Hybrid race guide

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Ehh.. we start about Hybrids? who they are ?

Offical books : Vampire the Masquerade - 20th Anniversary Edition and Werewolf the Apocalypse - 20th Anniversary Edition.

They are called by many names: the "Undying Children", the "Damned Urrah", the "Vrykolas", the "Pale Ones" and "Luna's Demons". But in general they are best known simply as the "Abominations". However, very few Fera would survive the Embrace. Some of them linger on in agony for a time before death, but most die instantly and painlessly - (and many werewolves believe they are being spared of Wyrm's curse through the blessing of Gaia).

A rare few, however, do not die. These Garou become a cross between werewolf and vampire: an "Abomination". It is not known why Gaia allows this to happen, though some stories suggest those whose souls are already corrupted or who have been driven to Harano may be Embraced. Some Garou, hearing these stories, actually seek Kindred out for the Embrace, whether from fear of death or desire for power is unknown.

Abominations do not lose the ability to shift between forms. They are not able to regenerate, healing only by spending blood points (as with any other vampire). While they still remember the gifts and rites they possessed before their Embrace, they can only affect Wyrm rites, and can only learn new rites from Banes. Abominations cannot increase their Gnosis trait at all. Finally, they cannot spend points from different pools (Rage, Gnosis, or blood) in the same turn. Abominations can learn and use Disciplines as usual for a vampire of their clan or bloodline.

Abominations gain a new Trait: Ego, which is associated with their own form of Path, called the Hierarchy of Wyrm Taint.
Ego is the measure of their new consciousness, which is now divided and liberated from their former "pack" mentality. Ego is the mark of a vampire Garou's separation from the rest of its race . Ego is similar to the Humanity Trait possessed by vampires, but a different scale is used to determine loss of Ego (see below) .

If an Abomination's Ego drops below seven, it will bear the stench of the Wyrm ; the only spirits it will be able to influence are Banes . Its totem will desert it, but Bane totems will welcome alliances with the Abomination . This taint can only be removed if its Ego is once again raised to seven or more.

Abominations continue to have the ability to step sideways regardless of their Ego rating.

• An Abomination's beginning Ego is equal to her Gnosis score.

• Ego represents how well the Abomination can resist the bestial urges within it. These are not natural urges, but Wyrmridden emotions. An Abomination that falls to zero Ego is lost utterly; it is a thing of the Wyrm .

• Like Humanity, Ego determines how deeply the Abomination must sleep during the day. The Ego Trait indicates the maximum number of dice an Abomination may roll for any action during the day . See the Humanity rules .

• Ego does not determine the Abomination's chance to frenzy - that is governed by its Rage. However, for every frenzy it suffers, it may lose Ego, depending on its actions during frenzy .

You can free ask anything about Hybrids in this topic.


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